August 6, 2020

Airtime’s Stay at Home Bucket List

Most of us have more free time on our hands than ever and keeping entertained can be a challenge.

To help you make the most of the extra time, the Airtime team have created a bucket list of fun things you can do without leaving the house. You could also get some money off your phone bill in the process!

How many can you tick off? 

1. Bake banana bread 

For a tasty twist add chocolate chips, peanut butter or blueberries. 

2. Take Airtime’s Quiz

Every Thursday from 5pm on Instagram. You could win £5 free credit!

3. Sort out your wardrobe 

Go ahead. We won’t judge if you decide to keep that unworn item of clothing ‘just in case’. 

4. Give yourself a DIY haircut

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Why not try a mullet, a buzz cut or a whole new colour? Buy hair trimmers and hair dye from Boots

5. Complete a home workout

How many burpees can you do in a minute? (Anything more than one is impressive).

Refresh your workout gear at Nike

6. Create your own cocktail (or mocktail)

The Airtime-tini is our new favourite. 

Mix vodka or gin with lemonade, lime juice and Blue Curacao for a turquoise twist.

7. Make whipped coffee

Try out this recipe to see if the craze is all it’s cracked up to be. (This also counts as an arm workout if you don’t have an electric whisk. Tough stuff.)

8. Record a TikTok

Don’t forget us when you’re TikTok famous.

9. Win Airtime’s Quiz 

Get revising. 

10. Binge an entire series

We’ve recently been watching Ozark, Dead to Me, Better Call Saul and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

11. Read that book you’ve been meaning to for ages

Or listen to an audiobook if reading isn’t your thing.

12. Refer a friend to Airtime 

Click ‘share and earn’ in the app to get a £1.50 bonus!

13. Go on a virtual shopping spree

Browse through your favourite online stores from the comfort of your own home. We love Feelunique and MandM Direct

14. Play a board game

Bring out your competitive spirit with a game of monopoly (or three). 

15. Redecorate a room

Refresh your home with a new lick of paint or build a bookshelf. Stock up on DIY essentials at Wilko

16. Video call your friends and family

Keep connected to the ones you care about the most.

17. Cook a new recipe 

Release your inner chef by experimenting with a new cuisine. 

18. Check the Airtime Rewards app 

See how much you’ve saved on your mobile bill this month.

19. Order a Takeaway

Papa John’s pizza, please. 

20. Throw a virtual pub quiz 

We’ve never done so many quizzes in our life and we’re loving it.

21. Set up a home cinema

Bring the cinematic experience home with a screen, speakers and sweet or salty popcorn. Upgrade your home entertainment experience at Argos.

22. Grow your own produce

Nothing tastes as good as homegrown fruit and vegetables.

23. Bake something other than banana bread 

We love banana bread but why not try something new like brownies? 

Stock up on baking essentials at Wilko.

24. Have a picnic

Lay a blanket out in your lounge or garden and feast on picnic-worthy treats. 

25. Listen to a podcast

From comedy to true crime to relationship advice, there are so many categories to choose from.

26. Have a spa day

Pamper yourself at home with a relaxing bath and DIY facial. 

27. Get crafty 

Let your creative juices flow by painting, knitting or even making a candle. 

28. Make a loungewear lookbook

Keep comfy and show off your best loungewear looks. Topshop and Topman both have a great stay at home selection.  

29. Play with your pet

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend. 

30. Plan your dream holiday 

You might not be able to go on holiday but you can still fantasise about one.

And last but definitely not least, download the free Airtime app now from the App Store or Google Play (if you haven’t already).  

Make sure to share your bucket list triumphs with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll repost our favourites. 

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