Meet the Airteam: Michelle - Marketing Manager

To help you get to know the Airteam a little better, we're putting them in the hot seat with a Q&A.

Next up is Michelle, our Marketing Manager!

Firstly, what is your role at Airtime Rewards and what does it involve?

I’m the Marketing Manager and my team sends all of our communications out to our members, from telling them when we’ve added a retailer to when we’re running a surge referral to running a competition on Twitter.

Can you tell us about your background before joining Airtime? 

I’ve been at Airtime for 3 years now - it’s flown by! Before that I’ve always worked in Marketing - both brand side and agency side. My degree was in Marketing as well so I found what I enjoyed and stuck with it. 

What does a typical day as a Marketing Manager at Airtime Rewards look like?

Typically I’ll start the day looking at which communications need to go out today. We like to give our members lots of chances to earn extra rewards and make their phone bills as small as possible (anyone that has opted out of emails or has turned their push notifications off or doesn’t follow our social channels is really missing out..!). After that every day is different, it could be working on our marketing plan, or briefing in some new content, or speaking to some of the tech team to see how we make the app even better for our members.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

For me, it’s my amazing team and also that it’s a creative role with a lot of input across the business.

What has been your favourite campaign to work on whilst working at Airtime?

I really enjoyed our race to 1 million campaign at the end of 2020, reaching 1 million members was a huge milestone for us. I can’t believe we’ve doubled it to over 2 million now! 

What has been your biggest challenge whilst working at Airtime?

Trying to reign in my spending. I keep shopping with all our retailers! 

What’s your main piece of advice for someone looking to get into a marketing role?

There are so many aspects of marketing, so I think it’s good to get as much varied experience as you can. Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes (within reason, of course), as sometimes you can learn just as much from what didn’t work as what did.

When not working at Airtime, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love a good walk with my dog, Bailey, and I love catching up with friends and going out for dinner.

And finally, why should everyone be using Airtime Rewards?

I’ve saved almost £400 off my phone bill now - it’s genuinely so easy to use and the range of retailers is amazing. You’ll also receive some really great marketing as well, not that I’m biased.

Quick-fire Questions 🔥

1. Favourite Airtime feature?

Challenges - I’m quite competitive so this is right up my street! 

2. Other than Airtime, what is your favourite app?

Spotify - I love a good podcast. 

3. Spender or Saver? 


4. First Job?

Christmas Shop at a department store but I started in October - that was a long time to hear the same Christmas songs on repeat!.

5. Best thing about working at Airtime? 

The people.

6. Which retailer have you spent most with?


7. Favourite food? 

Italian (It's a good job we've got lots of Italian restaurants you can earn rewards at then 👀).

8. Dogs or Cats? 

Dogs - check out our Chief Barketing Officer, Bailey, below!

Chief Barketing Officer

9. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I can be really competitive and will happily cheat at board games to win.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Marketing Manager, Michelle!

Fancy joining Michelle and the rest of the Airteam? Follow our LinkedIn page to see our latest job vacancies and keep up to date with team news!

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