July 14, 2022

Meet the Airteam: Charlie - Head of Sales

To help you get to know the Airteam a little better, we're putting them in the hot seat with a Q&A.

Next up is Charlie, our Head of Sales!

Firstly, what is your role at Airtime Rewards and what does it involve?

I head up the Sales team here at Airtime Rewards, so me and my team are responsible for the sourcing of new retailer content for our 2 million+ members. The other side of my role involves working with existing clients to ensure that Airtime Rewards is achieving its key objectives.

Can you tell us about your background before joining Airtime? 

I’ve been very lucky to work in two industries that I have a real passion for - loyalty and travel.  I worked for TopCashback in various roles, and I also worked at Booking.com - managing their UK Strategic Partnerships.

What does a typical day as the Head of Sales at Airtime Rewards look like?

My day always starts off with Wordle. My next order of business is catching up on where my various sales conversations are up to before preparing for the next sales pitch. I’ll also have a look at the current performance of our partners and speak with the team about optimization opportunities, ensuring brands are making the most of our segmentation capabilities!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I get to speak to all types of brands - both prospective and existing. I love learning about client objectives and tailoring solutions to help achieve them. We sit on so much insight and can deliver genuine value to brands that there’s almost always a campaign with intelligent targeting to be done. And I love talking about them!

What has been your proudest achievement whilst working at Airtime?

I’ve represented Airtime by speaking at various events as well as exhibiting and it's been great to hear how our brand awareness within the industry has grown in the time since we have been able to get back to real-life events.

What has been your biggest challenge whilst working at Airtime?

When I first joined, Covid was still really prevalent so it made trying to sell our offline capabilities rather tricky! Thankfully we’re over that period and it's great to see so many new brands come out the other side and join the platform!

What do you hope to achieve within the next year at Airtime?

I want more brands!

(Get in touch with Charlie and the team here if you're interested in partnering with us!)

What’s your main piece of advice for someone looking to get into a sales and/or partnerships role?

Remember that people, regardless of seniority, are just people at the end of the day. Be yourself, don’t pretend you’re selling something you’re not, and listen to what the client wants.

When not working at Airtime, what do you like to do in your free time?

I take a lot of pleasure in boring people about my interests in Hand Dryers, Chicken Wings and Nottingham Forest. 

And finally, why should everyone be using Airtime Rewards?

Because there is no rewards app better than ours. It’s truly reciprocal as retailers get to achieve their objectives and users get an app that truly delivers for them. 

Quick-fire Questions 🔥

1. Favourite Airtime feature?

Retailer Rating. It provides a different kind of insight beyond just numbers.

2. Other than Airtime, what is your favourite app?

So I love BBQ’ing and I’ve recently downloaded the MEATER app which is really cool - and maybe a bit nerdy. Basically, it's linked to a thermometer that you stick into a piece of meat that you’re going to slow cook and it will tell you once it's reached your desired internal temperature. The team at Airtime LOVE it when I show them a graph of my recent BBQ cook and at no point do people ignore me, put their headphones in or tell me to be quiet. These are supposed to be quick answers aren't they? (Yes, but we'll let you off this time)

3. Spender or Saver? 


4. First Job?

Woolworths. RIP.

5. Best thing about working at Airtime? 

It's a cliche, but the people are great.

6. Which retailer have you spent most with?


7. Favourite food? 

If I could live off Dairy Milk I probably would.

8. Dogs or Cats? 

I’m rarely impressed with dogs or cats. I certainly wouldn’t hire either.

9. Favourite sports team?

Nottingham Forest. The greatest sporting institution that has ever existed.

10. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

Despite watching Stranger Things, I don't really like it or understand what's going on.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Head of Sales, Charlie!

Fancy joining Charlie and the rest of the Airteam? Follow our LinkedIn page to see our latest job vacancies and keep up to date with team news!

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