June 6, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Laurel

To help you get to know the Airteam a little better, we're putting them under the spotlight with a Q&A.

Next up is Laurel, our Head of People & Culture!

Firstly, what is your role at Airtime Rewards and what does it involve?

My current role at Airtime Rewards is Head of People & Culture. I take ownership of all People related activities and practices and sit amongst the Senior Leadership Team to effectively influence appropriate business decisions whilst driving the ultimate People agenda. 

If I had to note some of the main areas that sit within my department, I would summarise as Policy & procedure, Talent acquisition & Recruitment, Employee Relations, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Compensation, Reward & Benefits, Reporting, Culture & Values, DEI and the overall Colleague experience.

Can you tell us about your Airtime Rewards journey? 

My journey started just over 6 months ago when I took a step away from my then role of 7 years at We Buy Any Car and joined Airtime. I’d always known I'd eventually need to move from a larger business to a smaller one to help with my own career aspirations and when Airtime came along, it was just the perfect opportunity! From then, I’ve set up & implemented an entire new function and have really begun driving and embedding the main principles of what a P&C team should be about!

Who inspires you the most? 

Has been and always will be, my Dad. A lot of my drive & passion comes from the examples and experiences he has given me in life. 

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

As well as getting to work with such talented and brilliant individuals, I also love the impact we have in shaping a People strategy which aligns to business objectives! This makes us such an essential player in overall success and helps us to achieve a high-performing, engaged culture who are an employer of choice. 

What has your proudest achievement been whilst working at Airtime?

Achieving Best Companies status & presenting at my first board meeting.

What is the biggest challenge of working in HR?

The typical stigma that naturally comes with the territory without people fully understanding the function or how much value add actually comes with it. HR has really evolved and influences much more positive change. A challenge can be when people do not see this.

What’s your main piece of advice for someone looking to get into a HR role?

There are so many different kinds of HR professionals and I'd say my advice would really differ depending on the business/industry! If I look at important values that I’ve always tried to live by in my career; I’d say it is key to have a strong presence, to be knowledgeable, to be impactful and to have the ability to make quick yet effective decisions. 

When not working at Airtime, what do you like to do?

Outside of work, my calendar is just as busy! I have 2 beautiful children (aged 1 & 9), a very chaotic schedule and generally spend life in a whirlwind juggling all sorts! As well as spending time with family & friends, one of my favourites has to be horse riding with my daughter. 

And finally, why should everyone be using Airtime Rewards?

Because honestly, why would you not?! It is such an easy way to earn rewards, and save £££ off your phone bill. 

Quick-fire Questions 🔥

1. Favourite Airtime feature?

Discover tab

2. Other than Airtime, what is your favourite app?


3. Spender or Saver? 

Spender unfortunately 

4. First Job?

HR Apprentice at Manchester Airport 

5. Best thing about working at Airtime? 

The people!

6. Which retailer have you spent most with?


7. Favourite food? 

Roast dinner 

8. Dogs or Cats? 


9. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

People actually spell my name wrong… the correct way has an accent over the E, but only my Mum & Brother include that. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Head of People & Culture, Laurel!

Fancy joining Laurel and the rest of the Airteam? Follow our LinkedIn page to see our latest job vacancies and keep up to date with team news!

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